The story of Westly Bellatona

The party was loud and exciting. drinks were overflowing and cheer was in the air. It was the very fisrt formal party since the rebellion had taken the capitol and overthrown the tyrant George King the second. All the lords and knights and milita leaders were there. The newly pointed Lord V sat in a corner arm wrestling any knight who took him up on the offer. He hadn’t lost yet.

Marcus Kent was sitting by a large table piled with food, watching his young son Malak get chased around by his friend Zero Williams. Marcus occasionally looked away to tidy up one of his knights attire.

And at the end of the room, in a large throne, sat the rebel, and new king, Ghost. He still wore an all white attire, but had swapped out his famous white mask for the crown of Bellatona. He sat hevialy in the chair, a serious, almost grim expression on his face. He was new to the formality and social get togethers of politics. He was more at ease during the battles against the George King and the defense against Aberich’s invasion. He disliked al the fake smiles and silly traditions of the social elite. Although the atmosphere at this party was much diffrent. It was the first party since Ghost took up the mantle of King that there was true peace throughout the kingdom.

Finally the party was winding down. Ghost was expected to give his big speech, which was lackluster at best.

“My fellow Bellatonians. We have fought long and hard to reach this point. We finally have peace in the kingdom!” Loud cheers all around. “As your new King, I promise that I will put everything on the line to keep Bellatona safe and secure from any evil. Bellatona is a free place, and free it shall remain. I want to thank you all for your assistance you gave me in taking back Bellatona for it’s people. Revelutions was needed, no, it was nessesary for Bellatona’s growth. Why the House of Lords allowed Bellatona to fall into such disgrace and dishonour is beyond me. For too long they sat aside while the people suffered. Only when the people showed their true power did those lazy, cowering, yes-men decide to take the winning side. Those following cowards and-”

He was abruptly cut off by Seebo the bard, stepping in before Ghost could bash the highest Lords of politics any further.

“And we are so glad,” started Seebo, “That King Ghost has won Bellatona back for freedom. I as well as our King, must be very relived that the Lords of all Houses are behind our desicions for peace and prosperity. Thank you all!” He gave a little bow and risked a glance at Ghost. While Ghost was still not accustomed to non-war speeches, we did understand he had been pulled out of the political fire. He grimiced and gave Seebo a slight nod.

The story of Westly Bellatona

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