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When the World of Relica was first created, Bellatonna was just north of the centerpeice of the land mass. It was heavely populated with ancient creteurs, and other beasts of lore. Thus was the first era of Bellatona. All would not last though. As the newer speices took shape, Man, Dwarves, Elves, and such; a God took the Hammer that forged the world, and threw it at the landmass. Thusly sundering the world.

The hammer hit the landmass dead center, devestating the land around it. Bellatona was wiped out all the way up to the Gravete Mountains, where the young Dwarf clan took up for survival. Bellatona now lay just a bit north from it’s original resting place. Then came the dragons. Dragons, being the strongest, oldest, and most intellegent of specis took over the land. for many mellenia they ruled, untill the Gaurdians came. Guardians, of all races and creeds, where the first to understand the knowledge of the true gods, and were gifted with power from the gods to fight the dragons. The Oldest and strongest of dragons, called it’s brethern to the Dead lands of Bellatona, where the final battle between Gaurdians and dragons took place. The Gaurdians were victorious, and thus began the Era of the Pantheon.

Bellatona was a savage and wild land when the dread pirate Jacques Cardinal came over and rediscovered it in the year of 136 of the Eldgarian Calendar. Soon after Eldgar sent many ships over full of people and supplies to colonize the land. The ships were hit by a storm on the way over, scattering the fleet. A ship that landed in the south east formed the savage desert tribes, and stumbled across ancient dark magic ruins. The northern ships found refuge and trading with the orcs, dwarves, and gnomes in the area. The other ships started to colonize the inner lands, in the fields of Satunaldo. Named after the brave warrior who fought off a horde of beast-men.

Many years later, all the tribes had a shaky alliance and trade routes. The bigger towns and cities had started to prosper, with findings of gold and silver mines. During the time when any magic not studied or granted divinely was disowned and hunted; the 3rd son of Eldgar’s king, Prince Bellatona, was banished from the kingdom. In exile he went to the new land and helped sorcerers become a part of society. After uniting the magic users, he was requested to take up the mantle of King, uniting all the continent of Bellatona under his new rule. He appointed a small council of 5 men from each territory to care for and represent their land. This is know called The House of Lords.

About a century later, the Kingdom started to fall apart. The Isle of Holban wanted to rule under their own power. After 3 long years of battle, the King decided to give the Holbanauts their freedom. To avert any other wars, he allowed any houses leave at that time. The High elves and The Blood Orcs took that offer.

142 years following The Great Dividing War, House Von Lastic also looked to become it’s own territory. With many of the Houses taking different positions in the war, a long bloody campaign ensued. Von Lastic succeeded in becoming it’s own power when an assassin Killed the king, allowing a vassal from House William (The strongest House of Bellatona) take the throne. Under the rule of the power-hungry Williams, Bellatona sought higher influence globally. It’s aggressive expansion saw them become the second strongest continent economically, socially, and militarianlly. All to Eldgar, the original land of life. Though it didn’t come without it’s blood. Under this aggressive tyrant rule, Bellatona went to war with Holban and Gaia. Every house after those losses had built up their armies for inevitable civil wars. Kings rallying for peace were assassinated quickly for the war hungry Houses. Kings for war, were killed quicker still for having alliances with certain Houses. It wasn’t until after the war broke out between the Houses that brought a time of peace. House Kent and House Sain, 2 honorable houses always for Bellatona’s best interest, faced off against House William, House Cornwall, and The Tribes of the waste. Having won the battles, more and more supporters came to Kent and Sain’s aid, Houses turned against the King, and even House William turned against their own Lord. The rule of the Tyrant was over. The War of Civil Dispute came to an end. Kent was given the honor of having the famed Villanore castle, and now protects all of Bellatona’s treasures.

After another 200 years of peace, another man took kingship. George King. Power-hungry and looking to expand Bellatona once again, he launched an attack on the unexpecting Eben. Bellatona was successful in conquering Eben for 40 years, before King Nailo and Eldgar were able to overthrow the Bellatonian rule. George King died in the battle trying to defend their outpost in Eben. His son George King Jr wanting to defeat Eldgar for the role they played in routing Bellatona out, and killing his father. He started an Assault on Eldgar to take the throne. George ran into trouble when Dragonsbane stopped his advance and sent the army back. 20 bitter years George King Jr ran Bellatona, angry at himself for not capturing Eldgar, and angry with Bellatona for failing him. A rebellion ensued lead by Ghost and Lord V. At the same time Aberich invaded Bellatona taking advantage of the weakened army, and rebellion. With both the rebellion and Aberrich laying seige to the Rumor for 3 years, Bellatona became for the people again. Ghost infiltrated the castle and Challenged George King Jr for Kingship. He was supported by House Kent, House Sain, House Cornwall (Run by Kidd V) The Delves Council, and the Dembaar Elite. This allowed him a legal challenge and he killed George King Jr.

After Ghost became king, his first line of duty was foreign politics. He himself lead the charge of the Bellatona army and the Rebellion against Aberich, who was not expecting the attack from both fronts. Ghost killed the commander of the Aberich Army, and they turned back and returned to their homeland shortly afterwards. House Cornwall was overthrown with Kidd V taking the seat, dubbing the House: House of V. Ghost took the Mantle of King, and it was later learned he was an actual descendent of the original King Bellatona. He had a long run as King before his son Tobias took up the mantle. Tobias has 2 sons, 1 with an illegitimate woman, and the younger son to a royal lady. The bastard is Draco, and the latter Falco. When the royal lady died later of sickness, Tobias went ahead and married the first woman. Now he stands with 2 sons vying for the throne, and he keeps his silence as to which will be his heir.

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