Facts of Bellatona

The Very first Seebo the Bard was born and raised on Bellatona. Seebo was only a passer of knowledge and recorder of history then, Seebo being a Title, not a name. He became a “bard” when Bellatona first became a Kingdom and he composed the National anthem Epic Score- This is Our Land.

Bellatona has it’s own currancy. Instead of carrying around bulky coins, Bellatona switched to a paper currancy system. All paper currancy has unmistakeable and non imitational magic marks, alowing the people to easily check for counterfeits. The currancy is as follows: 2 copper = 1 Bell (Small coin), 2.4 Silver = 1 Bolt (Square paper note about 4×4 inches, Commonly folded into a quarter it’s size) 1.92 gold = 1 Fey. (paper money of same size as Bolt).

Bellatona has a form of government for the people. By owning all the goods and stores it sees that none of it’s people are robbed. If you were a baker, and backed 12 loaves of bread in a day; Bellatona would buy the bread off you to sell at their stores. They would then sell them at a slightly higher price (starting at 2 bells) and increasing due to the item (maxing out at 100 Fey). That way the people pay no taxes, besides the slightly higher prices, and if a store gets robbed, no people lose out on the profit.

The story of Westly Bellatona as told by Seebo.

Facts of Bellatona

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