Marius St. Mortus was born on the continent that fell off Relica. Caught by the gods, they left it afloat between the Material Plane and the first circle of hell. Marius fell asleep every night to the sound of damned souls being tortured. There was an escape however, a single rope, which lead up to the surface, to Relica. A 2 mile climb, that no man had yet make. And many had tried.

At the age of 15, Marius tried his luck. As a strong young man, he had devoted himself to practicing his climbing. He made it merely a quarter up. He fell, but unlike any others who fell (and who never mad it to such heights) he fell over the edge of the land mass, and down into hell.

He didn’t belong in Hell, but he had no way out. He converesed with demons and devils, and learned that the people who suffered here had brought it upon themselves. he learned to accept Hell and death and even thought of it’s extreme nessesisty to society. He took up appernticeship to a demon, which taught him a wild yet deadly fighting style. after his 7th year in Hell, he had found the only way up. using only a staff, he had to salmon ladder out of Hell. And he did, on his first try.

Reaching his old hometown, he took little time to recover, and immedeatly went and climbed his way to Relica. Upon reaching his destination, he was approached by a clocked figure, Death. He was offered and appernticeship as per a prophecy, where a man born of two worlds would take up the mantle of Death. Marius gladly accepted.

Along with Demius Sotto, they began training under death. Marius was giving the task of going to people that had near death experiances and either taking them or letting them live. instead of letting it be an experiance of learning or redemption for those who neared death, Marius merely flipped a coin.

Ultimatley Demius was choosen as the sucsessor of death. While Marius was givin the ability to make incoperal beings corperal, which he would use to gather the souls of Relica and bring them to the Undying Isle. When Marius noticed that Demius was not doing his job, he cursed Demius as a coward, thinking Demius didn’t have the nerve to take a life, and Marius has taken it upon himself to do death’s duty.


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